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Sunday, July 23

7th Sunday after Pentecost


It is an age-old question: why is there evil in the world? In the parable of the wheat and the weeds Jesus suggests that both grow together until the harvest. With Paul, we long for the day that all creation will be set free from bondage and suffering. Having both weeds and wheat within us, we humbly place our hope in the promises of God, and from the Lord’s table we go forth to bear the fruit of justice and mercy.

Readings and Psalm

Judgment and Mercy

Matthew’s gospel knows little compromise: sheep or goats, wheat or weeds, good or evil. Finding the good news of God’s love for all people, for all creation, can be a challenge in this book. Today’s gospel is no exception. Jesus interprets a parable for the disciples; he announces that all evildoers will be thrown into the furnace of fire, while the righteous will shine like the sun. The “Son of Man” will judge the world. Matthew’s phrase “for the kingdom of heaven may be compared to . . .” occurs here for the first time in this gospel. Jesus’ parable is a genuine metaphor—it is best viewed as a whole with no point-by-point comparison. The kingdom of believers has the same potential as those of the world to do good and to do evil. Jesus’ allegorical interpretation encourages believers to strive for righteousness, and emphasizes God as judge.

St. Paul, however, in his letter to the church at Rome focuses on God as merciful judge. He proclaims that all creation will be freed from decay and receive redemption. Paul reminds us our hope lies with God, our parent through a spirit of adoption. This dichotomous picture of God as judge and giver of mercy began with last Sunday’s texts and evidences itself in readings from Romans and Matthew across the next four Sundays. In some cases the God of mercy is highlighted in Paul’s letter, at other times in the gospel. This good news, however, is always present!

The exercise of judgment and mercy reflects God’s emphasis on justice over fairness. A fair God condemns those who do evil. A just God moves beyond fairness to justice, peace, and reconciliation. As evil doers, sinners, one and all, we are grateful for God’s justice towards us and all people.


 Melissa and Alice

Thanks to Alice and

      Carolyn Alm and Melissa Drumm

     for providing special music on July 16th

          "There Is a Balm in Gilead "  



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Central’s Community BBQs are back & we’re

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Wednesdays at 6pm  

(beginning June 21st)

Hotdogs are provided.


Please bring a side dish to share; sign up at www.clspokane.iVolunteer.com on our website.


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19th Annual 8 Lakes Leg Aches Bike Ride


Saturday, August 5, 2017


 A benefit bike ride for the programs of LCS Northwest and the Sexual Assault & Family Trauma (SAFeT) Response Center of LCS Northwest. Join over 700 riders for one of the best organized bike rides in Eastern Washington where riders enjoy the beautiful scenery of West Spokane, Cheney and Medical Lake. There’s a perfect ride for everyone.  Choose from 30, 45 or 75 mile routes – the 75 mile route passes Willow, Granite, Silver, Medical, Clear, Chapman, Kepple and Fish Lakes, for the full 8 Lakes ride experience. The 15-mile route is perfect for families and folks dusting their bikes for the first time this year. Each route includes snack stops and SAG support along the course.


Ride only: $50.00 With T-shirt: $60.00.  There are great prizes for those individuals raising pledges. Every rider who raises $225 or more in pledges receives a limited edition 8-Lakes Leg Aches Jersey! $350 includes a Waterproof Vest. In addition, we offer great prizes! The more you raise, the better the prize!   


For more information go to www.lcsnw.org/8lakesride or contact Christie McKee at  509-343-5020 or email at cmckee@lcsnw.org">cmckee@lcsnw.org 

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  Lefse    September 11 - 15

Lefse          October 9 - 13

Meatballs        October 17

Cookies    October 23 - 27


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