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Welcome to the Central Lutheran Church website. (If you'd like to check out our Facebook page, click here.)  We hope this site will help you learn more about us and our witness for Christ. We strive to recognize and nurture the Christ in ourselves and each person that we encounter along the way. Our church is a thriving community of believers, and lovers of the word of God. Central has a long tradition of outreach and service to its members and the community. We hope you will join us for service on Sunday to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ.
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At our semi-annual meeting last Sunday, the congregation voted 41-12 (77% in favor) to move our worship time to 11am. So beginning Sunday, December 3rd, education hour will be at 9:45am, worship will be at 11am, and coffee hour will follow worship at about noon. Please make this change on your calendars whether they are hanging on your wall or hanging out on your mobile device.  Additionally, with the start of Advent, we will be returning to the ELW for our liturgy, using Setting 4 during the season of Advent. At Christmas, we will use the Carol Mass that has been so popular in recent years.



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          Worship Schedule


       Beginning Dec. 3rd -- 11:00am


          Education Hour at 9:15am

         Beginning Dec. 3rd -- 9:45am

            Fellowship at 11:45am   

       Beginning Dec. 3rd -- 12:00pm



Thanksgiving 2017


Sharing Tree

In the past, we have partnered with charitable agencies to provide Christmas assistance for families in need. This year, the Stewardship Committee and Community Outreach will be talking with a couple agencies to determine where we could best be of help. Our hope is to provide families with comfort and assistance during this Christmas season.


The sharing Tree will be up shortly, with family/individual suggestions for you to select from and return. Thank you for your generosity and support of this project. If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Rounds.


Education News

Childrens’ Church (Sundays during worship) begins again on the 10th. CC is for kids up to 5th grade and is held in the Sunday School room upstairs. Lessons are based on the lectionary so families can talk about what they learned together each Sunday.

Adult Forum(Sundays at 9:15am)  meets in Firesdie Room.

Exploring Faith (Tuesdays at Noon) We are searching through the Scriptures for God’s word on forgiveness. We have studied the story of Joseph, the parable of the Unforgiving Servant, and heard some of Paul’s words on the subject. Come join us as we continue this topic over the next couple weeks.

Sunday, November 26

Christ the King


On this final Sunday of the church year our gospel is Jesus’ great story of judgment. In the end, the faithful are those who served Christ by ministering to those who are poor, hungry, naked, sick, or estranged. In the first reading God is the shepherd who seeks the lost, weak, and injured and feeds them with justice. We gather this day to celebrate the reign of Christ and his victory over death, yet awaiting the consummation of all things yet to come. Acknowledging Christ as our merciful ruler, we go forth that his reign may be known in our loving words and deeds.

Readings and Psalm

We Embody the Presence of Christ

It is possible that the biggest barrier to accepting this as our lifelong vocation is not a lack of faith but a lack of imagination.

On this final Sunday of the liturgical year, we receive a parable from Jesus challenging and inspiring our imaginations to grasp our whole vocation that is celebrated in baptism: to embody Christ in every moment and to engage every part of our world as Christ’s redeemed creation.

The parable of the sheep and the goats has sometimes been used to instill fear of God’s judgment. However, it is possible that Jesus’ point here is to urge his disciples to share God’s generous saving grace with all. Jesus’ parables consistently offer a simple setting and story, but behind them lie a world of rich meaning that takes a lifetime to unpack. For this reason, Jesus’ parables are important texts for the postmodern church, which is hungry for story, for connection, and for meaning for our faithful lifelong questions.

With shepherding texts from Ezekiel and the Psalms as well as Ephesians, an epistle written to build faith, we have a constellation of texts that make the shape of God’s intimate—even incarnational—love of creation. The parable even suggests that being merely intentional about ministry in the name of Jesus is not the point. After all, both “sheep” and “goats” groups are equally shocked at the news that Jesus was present in those relationships involving thirst, imprisonment, and so forth. Instead, Jesus seems to invite us to wonder what’s at the deepest foundation of our presence and purpose—and perhaps even walk away faithfully bewildered at the possibilities of God’s kingdom being practiced on earth as it is in heaven.

What if we really do embody the presence of Christ?

  Light on the Liturgy

Why do we worship using the traditional form of the Liturgy?


What does it all mean?


Light on Liturgy 

The topics contained in this pamphlet are short essays on elements of Liturgical Lutheran Worship.  These were shared; one each week, during Sunday morning Worship Services at Central Lutheran Church.  These essays may be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes with credit and mention of the Light on the Liturgy series and the web page www.clspokane.org as the source. Authors: Paul Boden, Paul Brueggemeier, Joel Zellmer.  To read this pamphlet click here Light on the Liturgy.docx

Opportunities at Central -- To view the pamphlet click here Opportunities at Central - june 2017.pdf


Music -- Click on Music Presentations to hear the latest of musical presentations by our music staff.  Just scroll down the podcasts to hear the latest musical presentations.  Enjoy!!!    



Sunday, November 19th

    Semi-Annual Congregational

Meeting & Potluck

(immediately following worship)

Your attendance is requested at this important meeting. We will be discussing the following items:               2018 Church Budget     Worship Schedule Conversation      Council Elections

Upcoming Concerts

Friday, December 1st @ 7:30 pm

Eastern Washington University Choir Concert

Saturday, December 2nd @ 2:00 pm

Eastern Washington University Holiday Jazz Concert



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