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Thursday, February 26th – Lenten Midweek Services Begin

We’ll be using the same schedule we did last year: 5:45pm – Soup Supper; 6:15pm – Bell rehearsal; 7:00pm – Worship; 7:30pm (or so) – Chancel Choir



Our devotional this Lent is provided by Luther Seminary and is entitled “There in God’s Garden.” The devotions are written by various graduates of Luther’s “Children, Youth and Family Ministry” program.  If you would like a complete copy of the devotional, click here.


Wednesday, Feb. 25


Romans 4:13-25


God’s Promise Realized through Faith


13 For the promise that he would inherit the world did not come to Abraham or to his descendants through the law but through the righteousness of faith. 14 If it is the adherents of the law who are to be the heirs, faith is null and the promise is void. 15 For the law brings wrath; but where there is no law, neither is there violation.


16 For this reason it depends on faith, in order that the promise may rest on grace and be guaranteed to all his descendants, not only to the adherents of the law but also to those who share the faith of Abraham (for he is the father of all of us, 17 as it is written, “I have made you the father of many nations”)—in the presence of the God in whom he believed, who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist. 18 Hoping against hope, he believed that he would become “the father of many nations,” according to what was said, “So numerous shall your descendants be.” 19 He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was already[a] as good as dead (for he was about a hundred years old), or when he considered the barrenness of Sarah’s womb. 20 No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, 21 being fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised. 22 Therefore his faith[b] “was reckoned to him as righteousness.” 23 Now the words, “it was reckoned to him,” were written not for his sake alone, 24 but for ours also. It will be reckoned to us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead, 25 who was handed over to death for our trespasses and was raised for our justification.




Sometimes it still haunts me. I was entrusted to shepherd a group of fellow college-age counselors for a week of day camp at a congregation. Rather than being a leader, I fell prey to a selfish desire for acceptance and allowed one member of our group to become an outcast. When guilt threatens to suffocate us, reminding us of just how unrighteous we are, we have a great cloud of witnesses, like Abraham, to turn to for strength. He was imperfect but faithful, and so was forged into the father of Israel. Indeed it is our faith—our trust in God’s promise and Christ’s work—that saves us! What wonders might God accomplish through us when we let go and entrust our spirit to God with full confidence that he provides us not an end, but a new beginning, through resurrection?




God of faith, help us let go of those sins and failings that haunt us, in order to live as people of faith, transforming this world and building your kingdom in ways big and small each day. Amen.




Thursday, Feb. 26


Mark 8:31-38




Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection


31 Then he began to teach them that the Son of Man must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. 32 He said all this quite openly. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. 33 But turning and looking at his disciples, he rebuked Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan! For you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”


34 He called the crowd with his disciples, and said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 35 For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it. 36 For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life? 37 Indeed, what can they give in return for their life? 38 Those who are ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of them the Son of Man will also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”




Peter’s response to Christ’s revelation frustrates me. Sometimes I just want to slap some sense into that socalled rock of a disciple. After all the time he spent with Christ and everything he saw, how can he not trust him at this point in the story? Yet maybe he isn’t so off his rocker. Peter and the disciples weren’t ready to lose Jesus. Together they had been stirring things up. And I can only imagine that Peter and the others felt like Jesus’ protectors. For him to be taken from them would mean that they had failed. And none of us likes to face the prospect of failure. Peter’s fear clouded his mind from understanding the truth that Jesus had spoken. Capture and death were part of his passion through which he brought “mercy, healing, strength and pardon to all peoples and nations” (“There in God’s Garden,” ELW 342).

God of Revelation, enfold us in your spirit, giving us the strength to face the trials that come our way. For you have promised never to forsake or abandon us, and have shown that promise through Christ’s defeat of death and gift of resurrection. Amen.




In the Old and New Testaments we find many references to breaking bread together as a sign of fellowship. Lent is that time when we gather as a community to be fed by our Lord through study, worship and, traditionally, an actual meal. God and two angels visited Abraham and Sarah by the great trees of Mamre (Genesis 18). Abraham hurried to prepare a meal for his guests to feast on. As he served them bread and a roasted calf, he heard the Lord give him a promise of a son to be born. Jesus broke bread with his disciples and friends on many occasions. As they shared in a meal, Christ’s followers heard their Master speak many promises. As we come together in a time of sharing a meal of bread and soup, we will be fed as a community with food and spiritual promises.

May our Lenten journey be one of great nourishment as we feast on the Word of God and have communion with our Lord and one another.

We started with an Ash Wednesday Service on February 18th and continue our weekly Lenten Worship Services on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM.  These Lenten services will highlight notable figures from biblical history and the role they played in God’s salvation story. We’ll also connect them to the “Soup of the Week”, sometimes directly and sometimes symbolically. These services will be part of a special evening for our church family. See below for the evening and weekly schedule.


LENTEN MIDWEEK SERVICE:        Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM

      Soup Supper: 5:45 – 6:45   Bell Choir: 6:15 – 7:00 PM    Chancel Choir: 7:35 PM

Please see the sign-up sheet in the Fireside room to pick an evening to provide soup/bread. 


Feb. 26 – Jacob and Lentil Stew

March 5 – Moses and Vegetable Soup

March 12 – Joshua and Chicken Soup

March 19 – Elisha and Potato Soup

March 26 – John the Baptist and Beef Barley Soup

April 2 – Maundy Thursday – Jesus and Lamb Stew




Children's Church -- Click here Children's Church to see some of the work done by our children during the Children's Church on Sunday mornings!



Opportunities at Central -- To view the pamphlet click here Opportunities at Central - tri fold June 7A 2014.pdf


Volunteer for Church Activities -- clspokane.ivolunteer.com -- we use this site for all our volunteer needs at Central, from activity sign-ups  such as helping with Sunday mornings! Check it out!!


Here's what's going on at central... 



Midweek Soup Suppers (5:45 pm) and Lenten Services (7 pm)

February 26 through March 26


Game Night at Central


Friday, March 20th @ 6:30 pm


Any and all ages are welcome!


Bring your favorite game,


a snack to share and join in the fun!





Every Sunday in worship the church celebrates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit gathers us to receive again the gifts of God that come to us through Christ, the saving Word. On several key days at the center of the church year, however, worship takes a particular shape. These central days have come to be known as the Three Days, recalling Jesus' own words to his disciples that he would be handed over to death, and that "after three days he will rise again" (Mark 10:34). The Three Days encompass the time from Maundy Thursday evening through the evening of Easter Day. In particular, the services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Vigil of Easter unfold in a single movement, as the church each year makes the passage with Christ through death into life.




Sunday, March 29th – Palm Sunday


9:15 am Education Hour


10:30 am Worship w/ Holy Communion


Thursday, April 2nd — Maundy Thursday


7:00 pm Worship


Friday, April 3rd — Good Friday


7:00 pm Worship


Saturday, April 4th — Easter Vigil


7:00 pm Worship — The Great Vigil of Easter


Sunday, April 5th — Easter


8:45 am Easter Breakfast


10:30 am Worship with Holy Communion


11:45 am Fellowship & Easter Egg Hunt



“Rainforest Adventure”


Vacation Bible School at Central


June 29th – July 2nd


 VBS at Central is on the horizon!  It will be held Monday, June 29th through Thursday, July 2nd, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  VBS is FREE of charge and open to those 3 years of age to 2nd grade.

Central Concert Series


 Northwest Sacred Music Chorale presents "Elijah" -a Choral Masterpiece

Sunday, April 26, 2015 - 3:00 pm


"Le Donn" Concert (new women's choir)

May 6, 2015     7:00 pm


We have taken delivery of the “new” van and its already in use.  If you would like to have it pick you up for Central activities like Sunday services, midweek services, concerts and events, New Vanjust call the office and let us know.  And if you get stuck for a ride to a doctor appointment or eye exam, call us for that, too! And contrary to the picture, it’s not really as big as the sanctuary so call early if you want to be sure to get a spot! And don’t forget…it’s lift-equipped so wheelchairs and scooters are no problem!  Help us spread the word to those in the congregation who may not have email that they can now get a ride to church if they want one!

NURSERY STAFF AVAILABLE FOR HOURLY CHILDCARE --  Our capable nursery staff are available for offsite childcare as your needs arise.  Their contact information is available on the bulletin board at church.  If you’ve enjoyed and appreciated their service during the service, why not give them a call when you want a night out? 


Sounds of Music and Bells

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Looking ahead to Sunday, March 1
Second Sunday in Lent

The second covenant in this year's Lenten readings is the one made with Abraham and Sarah: God's promise to make them the ancestors of many, with whom God will remain in everlasting covenant. Paul says this promise comes to all who share Abraham's faith in the God who brings life into being where there was no life. We receive this baptismal promise of resurrection life in faith. Sarah and Abraham receive new names as a sign of the covenant, and we too get new identities in baptism, as we put on Christ.
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
    God blesses Abraham and Sarah
Psalm 22:23-31
    All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD. (Ps. 22:27)
Romans 4:13-25
    The promise to those who share Abraham's faith
Mark 8:31-38
    The passion prediction

Promises, Promises
The story of God's relationship with God's people is a story of promises fulfilled. We hear about God's covenant with Sarah and Abraham in today's Genesis reading and about its fulfillment in the New Testament texts. As Paul reminds us in Romans, we are the multitude of nations that were promised to Abraham; we are his descendants in faith. "Kings of peoples" (Gen. 17:16) descended from Sarah's offspring; Jesus Christ, the King of kings, is Lord of all through his death and resurrection.
From generation to generation, God is steadfast. No matter how many ages pass or how often we turn away, God remains faithful. This is the great hope of our faith—no matter how often we stray or how great our sin, God persists in loving us. Jesus Christ binds us to God through our baptism into his death. In worship—especially through confession, affirmation of baptism, and communion—we continually remember the lengths to which God goes to keep covenant with us. The promise of salvation extends even into the future, as the psalmist reminds us: Our children and our children's children will proclaim God's salvation to generations yet unborn.


The nursery is open and staffed with  our nursery attendants…Sicily, Selena, and Emily…are doing a great job.  The nursery is open from 9-11 each Sunday during the worship service!  Whether you have kids for the nursery or not, why not stop in and chat with our nursery staffers on Sunday! 


Meet Pastor Dave

Our Pastor, David Kappus, has been an inspiration to our community and our congregation (just ask him, he'll tell ya!).  Pastor Dave's sermons often include insightful stories that have real-life meaning, scriptural relevance, and even the occasional reference to Star Trek.



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