In the Neighborhood

While reaching the larger community and the world with the “Good News” is our calling, sometimes it’s the little things done for those closest to you that makes a difference you can see and feel. We’re committed to being good neighbors.

Little Library.jpg

Little Free Library

Built and stocked by our friends and members, this library is a free loan resource to our neighborhood. It’s a take one, leave one lending library that is used daily by local residents and business employees.

happy dog.jpg

Doggy Station

When we realized we had some of the only grass in the area for our four-legged neighbors, we decided to welcome them with the resources they needed to use that grass responsibly. You can see dogs at play here at Central on a daily basis.


Community bbq

When weather permits, we roll the tables into the parking lot, fire up the grill, and enjoy the “Hotdog of the Week” with our friends and neighbors.