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Invitational Christian - Quality Matters

… What we see in our long-term involvement may satisfy us, keep us motivated, and encourage us to give our resources to keep it going - but if things are not done well enough so that a friend visiting for the first time can overlook inconsistent practices or awkward gaps, we will not be inspired to invite them.

We may love our church but be ashamed of the clutter in the halls, peeling paint in the sanctuary, or the musty smell emanating from the basement. What we are content to live with ourselves, we may not want company to see. - Rev. Dave Daubert, DMin, PhD

Exploration of Dave Daubert’s book The Invitational Christian continues with a discussion of Chapter 3: Quality Matters.

Location: Upstairs classroom
Books: available from Paul Brueggemeier, cost $7.95
Do I need a book to attend? No! Please come!