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Invitational Christian - Knowing Our Story

… if our congregations are working well, we are helping each other see and make sense of how God is at work in our lives. But at almost any mainline congregation, the typical Sunday morning conversation doesn’t usually include much about God. … the chitchat filling our fellowship halls sounds not too different from that of a coffee shop on a weekday.

If a visitor comes to church to find out what God might be up to in his or her life, they will all too often find people who haven’t wrestled with that very question themselves. - Rev. Dave Daubert, DMin, PhD

Exploration of Dave Daubert’s book The Invitational Christian continues with a discussion of Chapter 4: Knowing Our Story.

Location: Upstairs classroom
Books: available from Paul Brueggemeier, cost $7.95
Do I need a book to attend? No! Please come!