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Invitational Christian - Give Them Tools - Importance of With - Following Up

One key to invitation is the presence of … invitations. … The presence of a concrete invitation can help someone feel grounded and more in control…

While a good web presence is no substitute for invitational culture, it can certainly help. … There are more than a few people who will want to check out what it is that they are being invited to before coming.

One of the reasons that we invite people into the life of the church is that we hope they will discover that involvement in church inspires new life. … Follow up is best done with intentionality. … The church needs to provide an intentional way to ensure that guests are not taken for granted, but given care and attention after their first visit. - Rev. Dave Daubert, DMin, PhD

Exploration of Dave Daubert’s book The Invitational Christian concludes with a discussion of Chapters 6, 7, & 8: Give Them Tools, The Importance of With, and Following Up.

Location: Upstairs classroom
Books: available from Paul Brueggemeier, cost $7.95
Do I need a book to attend? No! Please come!