What People are Saying

Read what a few church members say about why they chose Central Lutheran Church:

a. I tried several churches before coming to Central; it was the most welcoming congregation when I first moved to Spokane 25 years ago

b. I joined Central because of the choir.  I am Lutheran, and also Central’s location is relatively convenient (easy freeway access)

c. Our family first came to Central when we happened to notice the church's building when one of our children was practicing with her choir at a church one block down from Central.  We wanted to baptize our youngest and find a Lutheran church we were comfortable with.  We felt very welcomed by members from our first visit and were certain we would feel at home at Central.  We were not wrong.  We definitely feel at home here.


d. I came to Central after we met at a mutual friend's home and discussed church, etc. and she encouraged me to come because she thought I would like it because of friendly people and Scandinavian background among other things.  When we came, everyone was so friendly.  We were greeted warmly by several people and made to feel very welcome. 

e. When we came to visit, we heard the "Word" being preached so well.

f. A member brought me here when I was experiencing a very messy divorce and I found a loving and caring family.

g. I loved the music ministry when I came to visit. 

Read what a few our members say about why they stay here at Central Lutheran Church


a. This is home.  It is my main social group. My friends are here.  I am comfortable with the worship style and the congregants


b. We have been members for quite a while.  Our children have been married here, and our grandchildren have been baptized here.  The Message – really like the sermons and the adult study.  The music is up-lifting and meaningful; the people


c. I am excitied by the outreach and community service we do here.  We are making a difference.  

d. I stay because of the long term friends I have at Central.  And I love being in the choir!   I say this with the understanding that I would not stay if I did not believe the Word was being preached here.  

e. We love the positive outlook here as we work to bring hope to our neighbors and the broader community.

f. I love everything about the church, especially the music program.

g. I love the shape of the worship service; it makes sense and is so meaningful.

h. I like Pastor Dave and want to be involved in our ministry together.


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