First Time Visitor?


As a visitor, we hope you will find us to be first and foremost, daughters and sons of God.  Not that we always live up to the family name but we try.  Centered in Christ and living in hope, we trust in God's promise of abundant life through Christ.

You may hear a lot of churches these days trying to convince you that they are NOT your parents' (or grandparents') church! Well, in many ways, we ARE your grandma's church.  If you have fond memories of hearing Bible stories from your Grandma's lap or singing Bible songs with your Mom in the car or saying your nightly prayers with your Grandpa on that summer visit, you can still find that feeling at Central.  We cherish that "old, old story of Jesus and his love"...we mix the traditional thunder of the organ with the upbeat rhythm of other instruments.  Our Choir sings "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Shout to the Lord."  And our pastor talks a lot about love, forgiveness, grace and caring for one another.  He's really good at taking that "old, old story" and making it relevant to life in today's challenging world.

As a visitor, you will find people with whom to share your Christian walk and grow as a child of God at Central Lutheran.  If you are far removed from your family (parents and/or grandparents), we have plenty to go around.  We are friendly and welcoming and while we don't have a lot of youth in the church right now, we are excited to say that the number of families with young children is growing as more and more activities are being provided for them.  

The members and friends of Central Lutheran Church welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, shoe size, marital/economic/social status, birth order, and all that other stuff.  All parts of the church are accessible for those with mobility issues...well...98% of it to be accurate. 

To view the CLC Visitor's Brochure CLC Visitors Brochure.pdf.

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