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See that guy over there?  That's Pastor Dave.  You might get the impression that he's friendly and likes to have fun (even in church) and you'd be right.  He's also got a pretty good theological head on his shoulders so he talks a lot about love and grace and forgiveness and salvation and the One who brings it all to us...Jesus, the Son of God, as He is revealed to us in the Bible.


We should probably mention that Pastor Dave loves the Bible since it tells us what God wants us to know.  And it teaches us to trust in God alone and recognize that everything we are and everything we have belongs to God and we should use it accordingly for things that would make God happy.


He's married to Theresa and they live in the Valley with two cats and a dog.  He does theater, plays drums, and rides a Honda Goldwing.  You should really come and meet him.  He'd like that.

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