Pipe Organ

We are excited by the beautiful sounds which eminate from the Central Lutheran Church Pipe Organ.  The organ was installed in 1966 by the Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ Company.  In 1999 the instrument was enlarged by 11 ranks and the addition of third mannual in a new console.  Jon Moir of the Balcom and Vaughan Organ Company completed the work for us.  Click on the link below to learn more about the history of the organ and view the new specifcations.




Here is a postlude played on our organ  -

     "God of Grace and God of Glory" - arr. Paul Manz 


Prelude played on Piano and Organ by Alice Hostetter and Jan Whaley

     "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken" - arr. Fasig/Iunes


Postlude played on Piano and Organ by Alice Hostetter and Jan Whaley

     "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" -- arr. Mickelson/Magnuson




The Carillon was given in memory of loved ones but especially in memory of our former organist, Janice Newell.  It is a pleasure to be able to share these bells with our community.  On May 23, 2013 the bells of the new carillon were heard for the first time.  The Carillon took two days to install and was completed on May 24, 2013. The instrument was built by the well known international bell maker, Schulmerich Bells.  The company was started in 1938 and it builds cast bells for religious, community and military intallations around the world.  There are Schulmerich carillons in such notable places as the American Cemetery in Normandy, France, Arlington National Cemetery as well as hundreds of churches throughout the world.  It is also the prefered hand bell maker in the Americas.  Central Lutheran Church has a five octave set of hand bells crafted by Schulmerich.  


The instrument can be played from the organ console via MIDI with optical cable connection. When played from the console, the bells can be heard sounding from the organ chambers in the chancel and/or the bell tower.  The organist can accompany the bells with the pipe organ, or it can be played as solo instrument.  


Currently, it is programmed to chime on the hour and play a hymn of our choice at 12 noon and 6:00 pm. On Sundays it will play a short call to worship 10 minutes before the service and a seasonal hymn 10 minutes after the service.


Sounds of the carillon can be heard by clicking on the Podcast  links below.

 Carillon Offering


 Carillon Prelude



Chancel and Bell Choirs

Central Lutheran has two choirs:  the Chancel Choir which sings each Sunday from September through May/June and the Bell (Carillon) Choir which plays once a month during the same season.


The Chancel Choir continues to be a strong ministry at Central.  We have 28 members and we average between 20-26 members singing for any given worship service.  The first mission of the choir is to serve as part of the big choir (the congregation) as we help to lead worship.  The second mission is to glorify God through music which is a gift He has given us to use to worship Him.  The choir members are all volunteers; a gift for which we are most grateful.  They give of their time and talents freely and with joy.  The choir continues to be one of Central's strongest small groups.  We are not just a group of people who happen to share a love of singing.  We also care for and pray for our church and each other. 


The Bell (Carillon) Choir averages 11 members who enjoy the beautiful sound created by playing hand bells.  Many of the members are experienced; having played for years.  Others are new at it but are enjoying the challenge.  This unique small group ministry continues to bless our worship and be a source of joy for the church community. 


Listen to an anthem sung by the Chancel Choir -- Walk In The Light



Other anthems by the Chancel Choir may be heard by clicking on the "Sermons" and then the "Podcast" tab.


Here is an anthem played by the Bell(Carillon) Choir -- Rondo in G


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